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And with multiple channels to reach a range of targeted audiences, we can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers, you’re finding the right ones.

We only feature one merchant at a time in each market. You’ll never be pushed to the side for another merchant to steal the spotlight. Add in our incentivized social sharing and your brand gets a level of viral exposure you can’t find anywhere else.

There are no up-front costs to running a promotion. Plus, we send you a check for full payment of pre-paid vouchers soon after your business is featured, which means money in your pocket before most customers even walk through your door.

Successfully managing and completing the point of sale process is essential to long-term small business success. At one point or another you should and most definitely will need to consider partnering with a specialized order fulfillment company.

As a fledgling e-commerce or brick-and-mortar small business some may consider it sound practice and necessity to stock widgets in the kitchen or living room. The truth is, in order to scale for future growth it’s time to overhaul logistics, shape up and learn to ship like a pro.

Streamline Your Way to Customer Satisfaction

Once you’ve made the sale, invoiced and processed the order it’s time to get your widgets out the door, down the street, across the state, over the sea and through the woods … you get the idea. Without adequate systems it is easy to run into major logistical issues such as a lack of inventory, increased shipping lead times and in turn, unsatisfied customers.

Fortunately, there are ways to preclude logistical nightmares. The best way to get started is to streamline internal order management and outsource task related job functions. While it may seem cost effective to handle these tasks internally, the costs outweigh the benefit. The price of materials, time spent on labor and lack of specialization in managing and forecasting inventory can add up to no savings at all. The right fulfillment partner will decrease shipping lead times, improve rates and enable you to focus on the larger strategic picture. Ultimately, outsourcing your warehousing and shipping needs will increase efficiency and protect your bottom line.